Monday, February 25, 2013

I was having nightmares that I would never reach the finishline

Angel Haze - Supreme
Älskar den här tjejen.. som kommer till Way Out West i sommar! Lyssna bara på texten, I love every line.
I was having nightmares that I would never reach the finish line
If pain is momentary I would never see the end of mine
'Til I realized that these bitches can't touch me
Like I'm a million fucking particles of nothing
Now I walk around like I can't be knocked down
With everything they said I couldn't be blocked out
There was a time where I would've quit and clocked out
You could've stopped me back then bitch but not now

'Cause I know who I am
Finally I'm on to base
I was trying to be like everyone else
Realize that it's not my race

But still uh
Triumph is nothing if it doesn't come from tragedy
So I'ma keep on running with all of you bitches after me
And I'ma keep becoming it's nothing you motherfuckers even are
Overload I'll malfunction you motherfuckers like

I wanted it all
Finally I got my way
I was having problems with my self back then
But now it's nothing in my way
And it could be yours
If you want it baby make your way
And you can go far
Keep running baby it's your race, it's your race.

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