Monday, May 27, 2013

Smash walls to get through. I fight the good fight!




So I've been really busy this spring.. I've been working on my SOULJEWELL jewelry shop, I got a request to participate in a musicvideo for the band Pair Of Queens.. and ofcourse I had to say YES!
And then we shot some Pictures for the cover of the single to Spotify.. and that's where these pictures come from. The photographer is Lovely Malin Edenkrantz, and she also did my hair look fabulously curly! ;)
Recently I did another photoshoot together with Malin and a Photographer called Åke Nyqvist.
You know one thing lead to another. FUN TIMES!
Then I work full time at my other job.. I'm also struggeling with my workout and my personal development.. I need to start workout as much as I need to start meditate and really find my inner Power. Then the partycat in me finally found a way out of the dark winter... Haha! So I guess I'm good. The time Isn't enough tho.. But still It keeps happening quite wonderful things in between, I couldn't really ask for more right now ;D
I Just wanna tell you guys what's happening in my Life cause I don't really have the time to update this blog as much as I'd like to do.
Hugs And Kisses!

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