Saturday, October 19, 2013

Puta Madre

Such a wonderful sunny friday in Town with my homegirl.. She always makes me so happy!!
Finally my sister made it to my Town
A lil Martini moment 
Took the tram into Town.. but I was transported 100 years back in time instead.. timemachine anyone?

My unspeakable happiness when I found the best beer I've ever had... in my Town!!! Whoopalaboop!

We visited a very special Mexican restaurant called Puta Madre.. right back at the 1920's something.. ?

So happppy
Margarita for everybody!!
 My first Margarita! And I loved it! Have to start make these at home!
 So soo GOOD!
 You could tell it was dark
 Midnight Selfie?
Catch a cab!
 Bye bye lovers!

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