Sunday, December 1, 2013

Beautiful Butterfly Diamond Girl

Getting ready for a beautiful weekend.

Finally I got to meet this dime again!

We started with a coffé at this pretty place... talked for hours! 

Then we continued eating and talking at my place!

Saturday Shopping and look at this pretty sky

 A piece of cake

 Ended a lovely saturday with some Wine at Bee-bar

 Bathroom Selfie ;)

Woke up to a Beautiful Sunday morning

Breakfast downtown at Condeco before my beautiful friend headed home again.

I have to say, this weekend was something special. Probably because I spend the time with a special friend of mine. Damn.. we talked! For HOURS and HOURS. All our thoughts, all our problems, our dreams, our fears, our past, our present, our future. I don't think It's common to have someone you feel you can really talk to.. about everything. Without being judged. We've known eachother like forever.. And we both have evolved so much from where it all started. At times we don't talk for months but when we meet, it feels like we evolve our friendship even more. And after this weekend it felt like I learned so much about myself and about life. My brain just couldn't stop think, and I got so many great insights. I thank you for that.
I felt like I should've wrote it all down.. which I didn't. But I will hopefully do! :D
That's a beautiful thing! I am so happy to have people like her in my life! I love having these long, deep conversations.. because our shit is deep! Lol! ;) 
Emelie you are such a wonderful soul, and I am so happy to have you in my life! 
You are always so supporting, positive and you give so much energy and love. And that means soo much for me!! 
You're a beautiful butterfly DIAMOND girl! LOVE!!

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  1. Du anar inte hur mycket energi jag har haft hela veckan. Känt mig som en helt ny människa. Känts som jag börjat om på något sätt. Trots att mycket kändes skit innan jag åkte ner till dig så försvann sorg och tvivel efter den helgen. Jag kan liksom inte minnas när jag sist kände mig så levande. Och varm i kroppen. Förstår nu hur viktiga vi är för varandra. Och hur mycket jag behöver dig i mitt liv. Vänner man lär sig saker av är guld värda. Vänner som får en att må bra håller man i. Vänner som lyssnar och förstår och som absolut inte dömer kan man dö för. Känner bara ren, varm och ärlig kärlek. Okomplicerad kärlek. Till dig.