Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sunny Days

 Before powerwalk selfie
 Lovely colors..
Sun sun sun
In a better mode

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So you guys have to see this TRAILER! It's for this art exhibition that will be hold in Münich next month. I'm soo EXCITED! It's called "A PART OF" and are created by DETAILED PEOPLE.

And why am I showing you this? I've been working with them together with my SOULJEWELL jewelry webshop. I'm really impressed by this video! So go check it out RIGHT NOW!

Here are their own words: This is the second exhibition we make together as Detailed People, A PART OF contains months of work from different places around Europe. A PART OF is a mix of what you get when cooperating art, photography and handcraft together with SOULJEWELL from Sweden.

House of Balloons!

More Passion than a summer fling




Friday. Sun and Fun.


 Autumn colors



 House of Balloons!

Such a crazy, fun night!

A lil bit dizzy this sauturday.. but the weather got me out!!

 So lovely weather.. me and E spend the dinner outside i the sun! How wonderful?


 Baby satsuma sunshine


 Smile while you can

Sunday tapas, after a really good weekend!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Let's put a smile on that face!

OMG! These guys are so talented! They've made a Great work!
They're called Close Quarters and you should really Keep them in mind. I can't wait till this video drops! Me and my friend Linda was asked to be in it.. and GOD oh GOD I don't regret anything!
We had such a BLAST! You can see me and her fight in the end of this video right here! I am so looking forward to Watch this whole thing!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A better weekend

Thursday dinner date
Pick yourself up
 It's really Getting Cold..
 Friday, glasses, people and good talk
 and she put a smile on my face
 One of the things I love about living in a bigger city.. different kinds of people! I thought I seriously were back in the 70's when I saw these Lovely guys.
 Suede fringes, long hair, flared jeans and boots. Gotta love it.

 Hello... I'ts Me.
Saturday Drinks and african Prints. What a great combo!
A way better weekend.. Calor! 
And It really was HOT 

Don't think about it too much

Cause everything you've been through made you stronger
And every day you learn about yourself
And nothing really played out how it's supposed to

I've got to dream to keep my eyes open

Solange - God Given Name
I'm not becoming expectations
I'm not her and never will be
Two girls going in different directions
Traveling towards the same galaxy
Let my starlight shine on it's own
No I'm no sister
I'm just my God given name

Puta Madre

Such a wonderful sunny friday in Town with my homegirl.. She always makes me so happy!!
Finally my sister made it to my Town
A lil Martini moment 
Took the tram into Town.. but I was transported 100 years back in time instead.. timemachine anyone?

My unspeakable happiness when I found the best beer I've ever had... in my Town!!! Whoopalaboop!

We visited a very special Mexican restaurant called Puta Madre.. right back at the 1920's something.. ?

So happppy
Margarita for everybody!!
 My first Margarita! And I loved it! Have to start make these at home!
 So soo GOOD!
 You could tell it was dark
 Midnight Selfie?
Catch a cab!
 Bye bye lovers!