Friday, December 19, 2014

Forest Hills Drive

J. Cole - Apparently

I don't Know what to say.. Since I heard this album for the first time.. I just wanna listen to it over and over and over again. Haven't felt this strong love for an album since Kendrick Lamars "G.O.O.D Kid MAD city". I think I have a new favorite in the rap-game. His name is J. Cole. He got a crooked smile and he's born on January 28th.. Do you Know who else have a crooked smile and is born on January 28th? Yes ME! And this man right here make me feel like there is still a fuckin' hope in this society. I just can't tell how much I love his music.. And his lyrics.. I just wanna quote every fuckin sentence in every fuckin song! Lol okey you get it. My worst fear right now is that I'm overlistening it.. Okey. I need to listen to "Forest Hills Drive" just one more time this morning.

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