Monday, August 1, 2016

The brain of the creative...

So this is kind of the start of something new. People say that all the time and I do too. But I've come to a point in my life where I need to focus on what matters. Like really matters.
And things ain't working out so good for me... cause my brain is the kind of the always thinking, always creating, always working, and never relaxing kind of brain. But I have such a hard time actually make my ideas come to reality cause they get stuck with all the other ideas somewhere on the way. And with all these thoughts, creations and creativity in it, not getting it out. Some kind of serious kaos occurs. And when all the things I should do, doesn't get done, all these anxiety and stress comes too. And that means I get even more paralyzed, cause my brain can't focus at all. There is toooo many things that needs to get out of there all at once. So this is the day I am starting to focus at one thing at the time.. ? Hmmm I have really no idea how to tho?! Haha.... but I need a change. I need to move further in my growth, in my dreams, in my artistry. I can't continue procrastinating my life anymore. Let's do this. I'm gonna need help tho, If anyone has any tips how to concentrate at one task at the time and fulfill it, please let me know!! 

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