Friday, April 28, 2017

I have a story to tell and I'm gonna tell it

So this is kind of like the reason to it all. To all my creativity. Everything that's been inside of me all the time. The core of myself. This is the time. I'm finally ready. To put my work out there..  and just to remind myself. I'm not doing this for attention. This is me. This is my way of healing myself through all I'm going through. This is something that comes so natural for me. It's like the words just come to me and I have to write them down, cause if I don't I know they will somehow slip away real quick and get all tangled up in my crowded brain. And it's actually the first time somebody is reading it too, so ofcourse it's a scary thing. I mean this is my personal diary that I'm putting out there. Because somehow I know I need to do it. I have always been writing, since the age of 6 years old I've ben writing diarys. Back then I remember I wrote for myself, to remember all the fun moments and good things when I'm all alone on my bed and probably have forgotten about all the things I've been through. But ofcourse I've been writing about all the sad and tough things in my life too, just because It really have felt good and made me see things in different perspective. Then I somehow ended writing, probably cause I just didn't prioritize it and just got in this early grown-up years when you're partying all the time and just do all the fun stuff. Then I moved away to a new city and life catched up on me. And because of all the things I went through I needed to really vent it out too. And when things got really hard it became all neccessary for me. The words just never seemed to stop flow. And my writing became more of a creative kind and a lot more poetic than before.
Well I always thought of maybe putting my words out there, but always been too afraid of what people might think and say. But I've somehow finally come to the point where I feel ready. I have a story to tell and I'm gonna tell it.


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