Monday, April 24, 2017


Isn't it so crazy How much you can achieve when you are supposed to be doing something else? 

Omg. This project I'm working on (and have been working on, on and off for like 2 years. I am totally ashamed to admit it. But It's true. I have been procrastinating it for 2 years.) And I'm procrastinating as I'm writing this too. I am so inspired about it, but my secondguessing and indeciesiveness is as crazy as it gets. Everytime when I should be working on it, I come up with totally (in my head) valid reasons to do something else. These last weeks when I have had this intense stress in my head and also have created deadlines in my head when I should be DONE with the last details with the project. Cause I NEEEEED TO GET IT DONE. My brain gets so energized and inspired to do other stuff. It's crazy. Like I litterally have been starting to go to the gym, which I never thought I would. I have started to cook almost all my meals by myself(!) everybody who knows me is as freaking surprised about it as I am. I have started watching tv-series, which I haven't done before either. I have started to create my own bodyproducts. And even started working on a totally new business-Idea.. about something totally different than I'm doing now. Haha entrepreneur in the making. And today, after my work-weekend my apartment looks like a total mess. Which is something I can't handle at all. So today That's my mission. To clean my whole apartment and to re-organize it and ofcourse get rid of all the stuff that keeps me from Having my life together, as usual. Also I'm about to clean the drains in my bathroom..... and before I started I made a cup of coffee and then I got the Idea that I really need to write down what's on my mind. And got this Idea that I really should start writing down all these thoughts I have about life and about my art projects. So you could get a piece of what's inside of this head of mine. And follow my projects, just so you can understand the process of it all. Hahaha..... Some things just need to get out. So peace out. I'm about to start cleaning my place....... 

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